Mt. Merapi ( 2910m ) is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. There are two ways to climb the mount Merapi, one is from Kaliurang, Yogyakarta and another one is from Selo, Magelang district. It is because the way from Selo is much easier than that from Kaliurang.

We were with 8 persons in the group, two of them were senior climber and the rest were beginner. We started from Jl. Babarsari nearby Sahid Hotel ( Yogyakarta) at 5pm. We arrived in Selo two hours later. We made a stop in Losmen Agung Merapi just to take a rest for a while before we had to climb on foot. Having a cup of coffee is very nice in this cool atmosphere. Anyhow we did not make an over stay in this accommodation.

To do climbing, though among us there were two professional climbers, but we should take a local guide. We started to climb at 11 o’clock in the night. All along the way, we always made as top after 15 minutes climbing to take a rest for a while. It was because of its steepness. Fortunately, the weather was very clear at the moment 9July). So we could see the beauty of the sky lightened by the moon.

At 05.00 o’clock in the morning we arrived at the top. It was so beautiful place that I have ever seen in my life. The sun started rising up as if it was in the front of me. No word I could say except:” God it is so spectacular. It is heaven”.
Never my eyes moved from the beauty of the sunrise and the nature nearby.
From the top I could see other 5 volcanoes: Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Sindoro, Mt. Sumbing, Mt. Lawu and Mt. Slamet. It was just like a dream in a reality.

After exhausted enjoying the nature, we went down. Going down was more difficult than climbing up because it was slippery and we should pay attention on the small stones which could me us fell off. It took more less three hours. On the way down I could see the field of vegetables, potatoes, unions etc with a beautiful views.

After three hours, we arrived in Selo again. Sweating all over the body accompany my rest in a “warung” (small restaurant), to enjoy a cup of coffee and sometimes my eyes still looked around as the last glance to enjoy the Merapi from close distance. After one hour, we went back by car which was ready in Selo upon our arrival. During the way back to Yogykarta I slept fast and dreaming when I could go there again.

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