Indonesia has some old building as the heritage museum. One of the is old town of Semarang .

This town is situated on Java’s northern coast and as  the capital of Centarl Java, as it lies just about halfway between the extreme east and west coasts of the island.

The old records of this city date back to the 15th to the 18th century AD in where captivating ancient and colonial monuments still standing to present date. In the older part of the city, near the harbour, you can still find an interesting collection of buildings dating back to the Dutch Colonial era and the Dutch East Indies Company, such as GEREJA BLENDUK, is the eldest Christian Church in Central Java built by the Dutch community in 1753. It shows the Church architecture of the 18th century with its huge dome and a baroque organ inside the building. Nearby the Church, there are some buildings from the Dutch colonial time. STASIUN TAWANG, the main railways station with its "Old Time" architecture located also in this area. While LAWANG SEWU or usually called as Thousand Doors, situated in the downtown of Semarang is also a remarkable building from the "Old Dutch Time".

Beside an interesting collection of Dutch Colonial buildings, there’s an also Chinese buildings remain in Semarang. In the west part of Semarang, a temple SAMPOKONG or locally known as Gedong Batu (Stone Building) was dedicated to Chinese Moslem Admiral Cheng Ho, his fleet arrived in the first time at 1406 AD. The other Chinese Buddhist temple is Tay Kak Sie at Lombok Street built in the year 1772.