Kediri town may be not so well known compared to nearby places, Batu or Malang which almost everybody knows.

Travelling from Yogyakarta to Kediri takes more or less 6 hours with lunch stop or photo stops.

What makes this town interesting is because it has Kelud volcano which give a nice scenery.

Arriving at the car park we directly walk to the direction of the volcano.
What also nice is a part of the way, for around 110 m, we passed through dark tunnel. This tunnel was supposed to be an irrigation tunnel in the colonial era.

In 1990 this volcano exploded and the crater became colorful lake. People who have visited there for sure still remember its beauty.
In september 2007, the crater (lake) changed into a new volcano.
The bottom of the lake which is supposed to be the mouth of the crater came up to the surface and grew bigger and bigger to be a small kelud (anak kelud).

According to the guide who explained it, every day, this small kelud is growing with 700.000 meters cubic.
I could see by my eyes on the body of this small volcano there are smokes almost everywhere. Few stones also look still hot.
It can be possible that it will flow its lava from the crevasse of unstable stones.

The visitors are not allowed to stay close of less than 100 m. But I was lucky, with a very big risk, to touch the new unstable and active volcano.
It is said also that almost everyday there is still tremble indicating that it is growing. With this condition, the unstable stones can easily slide off.

This growing volcano, now already reach 350 m height. I am wondering ho height it will be when I visit again next year.


Going to Kelud should be in the morning.
From Kelud to Kediri takes more or less 1,5 hour driving, a part of it through mountainous way.
Kediri – Malang : 3 hours


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Udhi / November 08
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