It is possible from Pangandaran to Yogyakarta by car, but that means you have to take for a part the same way you tok to reach Pangandaran(coming form Bandung).

More adventuring and relaxing is a combination by taking a boat from Kalipucang/ Majingklak to Cilacap.

If you do not mind to arrive in Yogyakarta early evening, you can also visit Petruk Cave or/ and roof-tile factory in Kebumen.

The normal boat

The daily boat from Kalipucang before 2006 did not operate anymore. May be in next future?

Chartered boat

You can charter a prahu. You can do this in Kampong Pamotan via Pak Haji, 081 573 437896. This kampong is nearby Kalipucang on the edge of Citanduy river. The driver can make  contact for this. The price is round 30 E, not depending the amount of passengers.

The boat sails through uninhabited, untouched, stretched lagoon. You easily can imagine yourself making a rivertrip in the middle of Borneo.

The enormous wide river can easily stream hard after raining. It is fascinating to view the boatsemn stiring their boats with expertise. In this marsh, swampy place where there are many animals, I saw in the lake kingfishers, halcyon, stilt-walker animal, heron, and stork (burung bangau), and a wild pig. It is possible to see crocodile and beavers.

For the flora: many types of palms (nipa, coconut) mangrove, jungle plantation, water hyacinth bloom, etc.

While the trip is going on you have the sight on Nusa Kambangan island, an untouched nature area where only prisoners live.

When you see a burning chimney from the oil factory in Cilacap, it means the trip almost end. Then you will arrive at the harbor and the cement factory of Cilacap. The cratered boat is supposed to arrive at “SELEKO”, you should check and to the boatman because you should arrive to the place where you made agreement with your driver (who goes with your luggage) to meet in Cilacap. The overland trip take more or less 3 hours driving.

The disadvantage of boat trip is the noise of the machine of the boat for 3 hours. At the end the trip can be quite boring, you will be happy that you can get off from it.

Goa Petruk (Petruk Cave)

From Cilacap to Yogyakarta is 200 kilometers.

Coming from Cilacap then you cross over the Serayu river, riding to Adipala and through south coast to Ayah. It is around 1 ½ hour driving. It is a good way and many things to see.

Before Ayah, it lays on the hill Petruk Cave, more interesting than that more famous one Jatijar cave. The last one is becoming an attractionpark with at weekend many entertainments (music, etc) to attract many local visitors.

Goa Petruk is a remarkable stone-dripped formation. It is really effort to come, there are 350 stairs, but after the trip up to Cilacap, it is a good idea to come to this place. You can explore this cave for an hour, but just a 15 minutes stroll is also worthwhile. At the gate you can find and hire a guide. He has a big lamp with him. A porch is not necessary.

From Gua Petruk to Yogyakarta is 3 hours more.


Kebumen is well known with roof-tile production. You may not miss to see factories all the way long, roof-tiles lay on the bank of the road to be dried before they are stored to the wooden stove. If you stop by the factory, you can see the whole process of it from the clay up to become roof-tile. The people you visit do not mind at all your curiosity, even they consider you as an important person.


Author : Peter Moerbeek