People who are travellling to Indonesia easpecially to Yogyakarta, are not aware that they can enjoy at least five peaks of Indonesia volcanoes namely;  Merapi volcano, Merbabu, Sumbing, Sindoro volcanoes, Menoreh and Ungaran hills and even we can see Indonesia ocean (Hindia ocean) in the south.
This beautiful scenery of snake skin fruit (salak pondoh) plantation can be enjoyed from the tower which is built in Trumpon village, Yogyakarta.
Beside this village is good for family tour during stay in Yogyakarta, this place give option for outbound tour, soft trekking, fishing etc, besides also this village tour activities concern on seeing the Indonesia villagers cativities.

The head of Sleaman tourism board, Dwi Supriyatno, explained that Trumpon village is ready for those who come for tour or enjoy village atmosphere.
Further he said, there were also guest house where visitors can stay with reasonable price. Even, he added, visitors who come to this place got good impression of village life.

Why not this place as the choice when make tour to Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta, he questioned.

Team of Antar Anda Indonesia Tour Travel