Joglo Plawang ResortTour and travelling to Indonesia is meaningful by staying at Joglo Plawang Resort, Yogyakarta Indonesia
We treat our guest feel likes a King & Queen of Royal Java with javanese warm hospitality service to make sure you feel likes a Royal & Queen of Java.

Real Indonesia comfort indulge you with luxuries classical interior room of joglo setting and rich with traditional touch and beautiful natural surrounding. Taste will let you have the experience in testing various traditional and international gourmet & snack and serves with art and beautiful tradition.

We also entertain you with leisures and interesting activities to refresh your mind & body wellness and relaxation.
We keep the old tradition live through it’s hospitality where you experience the unique tradition of local village people of Indonesia.

` A luxurious 200 years old javanese antique wood house, a collection of antique motorcycle, javanese horse carrier, keris, furniture, painting, puppet, gamelan instruments, motorcycle & many various of antique collection.

Joglo Plawang ResortFirst impression of people who visit did not feel entering a hotel property, they will feel like entering a gallery, antique museum, or their own javanese relative who have many antique collection. Currently we have 4 units rooms with antique ambiance accessories and 6 villas with original antique joglo, giving you a javanese royal living experience with warm home hospitality. We also give you a feeling with antique ambiance of old javanese house at our indoor restaurant .

Joglo Plawang resort  nestled in a lush tropical salak pondoh ( snake skin fruit ) plantation area, the most popular salak in Indonesia, in the down slope of Merapi , the most active volcano in the worlds giving beautiful sightseeing scenery. In the peacefully & tranquility of the river behind the property, the sounds of nature rejuveniling soul & minds, combine with the local traditional farmer which still treat the tradition & culture as javanese people, greenery of rice fields, buffallo in the farms, fish ponds, feeding the rabbit, javanese dance coach, practicing play the gamelan java music intruments, javanese puppet lessons will create unforgettable holidays experience. At the end we are still consisting our vision & mission to treat the javanese tradition still alive. All activities for your needs can be arranged during your stay at our property..

Joglo Plawang is a javanese royal hospitality, an honest smile, pleasant service, calm, polite, & wishful as a javanese character. Likes a javanese door which usually short means that is everyone who want enter the house has to respect the host before entering a house.At the end we still consisting with our commitment to treat the javanese tradition as our culture.

The Villa is located at Turi Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta Indonesia, 40 km from Borobudur Temple and 10 km from City of Yogyakarta. Turi area ( in the salak pondoh plantation ) and slope of Merapi Mountain on the way to Jogjakarta City from Magelang.

Services and Facilities

    * Meeting Facilities
    * Business Center
    * 24 Hours security
    * Free Parking
    * Outdoor Pool
    * Baby Pool
    * Laundry
    * Limousine Car
    * Restaurant and Lounge

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