Providing the accommodation which is surrounded by the beautiful view of Tangkuban Perahu, Villa Venetys BandungVilla Venetys is the perfect place to seek a peace of mind and the pleasant hotel for enjoying the warm hospitality , located in the highland of Bandung – Western Java of Indonesia.

This is the place to remind you that the natural beauty is not only rivers, rural, beaches and mountains, but is appropriate accommodation for relaxation after having a long journey with the greenery field and fresh air. Villa Venetys BandungHer convenient location less an hour away from the main business district, of the City Bandung. Her abundance of fresh mountain air, hospitality and nice facilities, it’s easy to see why our hotel is one of the best places to stay neVilla Venetys Bandungar Bandung.

This Villa is an exclusive boutique villa in a setting of natural beauty. Highly recommended for couples of all ages and honeymooners.

The temperature of Lembang is between 22°C and 26°C and at nights it could be nice chilly , so that a airco is not necessary.