A proverb says "Powerful country is a country which respects its history". Setting out from the awareness of historic background and artifact which are preserved within the museum, there are many positive things to be learned for the livelihood in this modern time. Thus, the role of museum is not only as the inspirator but also the truly motivator for the society to take valuable things from the past and apply them in years to come. This circumstance is the basis of Indonesia to announce a new campaign, Visit Museum 2010 which will become a sustainable campaign until 2014.

Nowadays, the total of Museum in Indonesia is as much as 281 museums, and it is expected will be increasing. These museums are spreading out in Central Java (41 museums), DKI Jakarta (62 museums), and Special District of Yogyakarta (32 museums).

Welcoming the Year of Visit Museum 2010, many museums in Indonesia are started to be embellished and equipped with various facilities to attract visitors to come. Maritime Museum which is located at Jl. Pasar Ikan, North Jakarta is one of a kind museum which even had finished its revitalization since the medieval of July 2009.

Now the buliding of Maritime Museum is neat and lovely. Moreover, the museum collections are nearly complete; not only the miniature of vessel but also the ancient vessel hardware like compass chambers and various navigation equipments. It is hoped to escalate the society interest to care about their history and love their museums.

The year of Visit Museum 2010 is expected can change the paradigm that museum is not merely the best place to keep the historical articles but also the best place to visit

Source: indonesia.travel