To celebrate 93rd anniversary of Sleman Yogyakarta, tourism board of Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia is holding tourism fishing competition on June 7th.

For the first winner will get Suzuki Spin motorcycle, the second winner will get Rp. 1.000.000, and the third winner will get Rp. 750.000
Besides that the committee provides also many door prizes such as motorcycles, TV, headphone, etc.

According to Wahyudi Heru Santosa, this competition aims to promote the object local people (Indonesia). Anyhow if there is foreign tourist who is in Yogyakarta during their travelling in Indonesia at that moment, it is possible to join the tourism fishing competition.

Beside that another goal is to make Indonesia people like to consume fish so that the young generation of Indonesia will be better.

The competition will be held in fishing pond of Tambakboyo Sleman Yogyakarta

For those who are interested, may contact: Sleman Tourism Board in Jalan Pringgodiningratan Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia, Ph. 62 274 6545577

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