The Minister of Indonesian Tourism, Jero Wacik, said that Indonesia tourist stake holder should increase their promotion to abroad than ever as explained to the Indonesia TV (Metro TV ) reporter last night, 17 July 09.

“We have to promote Indonesia more than 2008 and also should explain to tour operators who focus to Indonesia tour, the real situation. Indonesia is so big, when there is a problem in Jakarta, there rest of Indonesia is fine because it is far away” he commented on JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton bomb on 17 July.

Further he said, the "red devil" Manchester United’s arrival to Indonesia which was to be cancelled, gave negative effect to Indonesia tourism. But he was sure that Manchester United would come to make friendly foot ball match againt Indonesia All Star someday.

Appealing tourist’s will to come to Indonesia is more difficult than decreasing the fear.

“It is because we do step by step to increase the tourist arrival to Indonesia. And in 2008 there were 6, 4 million tourist arrival and expected 6, 5 million in 2009. But after the problem happened in one of the hotel in Indonesia, it can decrease their arrival” further he explained.

Anyhow, he was optimistic that tour operator who was selling tour to Indonesia understood the Indonesia country very well so he expected that they could explain to their clients that Indonesia was safe for travelling.

Beside that he asked tour travel agents in Indonesia and hotels promoted more than last year and more creative in arranging Indonesia tour package