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Indonesia, Australia’s closest neighbour, is a fantastic place to visit. From the popular beaches of Bali to the tropical paradise of the Gili Islands, the volcanoes of Lombok to the big cities of Java, there are so many different places and attractions to visit – and I haven’t even mentioned the majority of islands!

You can read all about our experiences and our top Indonesia travel guides in this Indonesia travel blog section of our site.

Indonesia is a fascinating place to visit with so many different cultures and islands that can differ a lot from one another. The country has over 13,000 islands! So you are sure to find one that suits you ??


The joy of travelling in Indonesia with kids knows no bounds – it’s a sensory feast of new experiences, smiling faces, and adventure: the one thing for which kids have an almost insatiable appetite. Your patience probably does have bounds though, so first consider how prepared you are to travel; slowly. If you are, take them touring off the beaten track, it’s likely they’ll be less scared of kayaking with Komodos than you are and if it rains, they’ll just pull on a poncho. If you’re not, go the flexible route, staying close to Bali’s beaches, but with the option to explore further if you feel like it.

Mount Rinjani Lombok island

Hike in Lombok
A walk at home? ‘Boooring.’ A hike up a semi-active volcano? Cue squeals of irrepressible excitement. Mount Rinjani on diminutive Lombok is Indonesia’s second highest volcano and going the whole hog might be too much to ask of littler legs, but a gentler trek around the crater rim is spot on.

Adventure activities
Whether it’s kayaking into the jungle – perhaps more suited to older kids, snorkeling and swimming over the coral reefs of an uninhabited island, or jumping on horseback and leisurely clip-clopping through the Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia somehow has the power to make effort relaxing, and everyone gets nice and tired in the process.

Jogja Temple Tour

Whether you say “Jogja” or “Yogya”, the rich and royal destination of Yogyakarta is the perfect choice to plan some family adventure holidays. You and your clan will get a taste of Indonesia’s rich history set amongs a stunning volcanic landscape. Your kids will love how this living museum takes history and geography out of the classroom and into amazing sites.

The Destination
Yogyakarta is the home of classical Javanese culture. A visual and aural feast, this city is renowned for batik, ballet, music, drama, puppetry, poetry and amazing architecture.

Dutch colonial buildings line the streets of the city. But the big architectural drawcard is the ancient monuments. Being one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, Jogya has temples and palaces galore to explore that are awesome in scale and style.

The monarchy that ruled the area also played a major role in the creation of modern day Indonesia. For it’s loyalty to the Indonesian government during the War of Independence, Yogyakarta received the status of Special Administrative Region and is the home of the Sultan of Yogyakarta.

Friendly Water Sports Activities In Bali

From the list of 8 kids-friendly water sports activities in Bali, the most favorite by travelers while on vacation with the family is visiting turtle island Tanjung Benoa. The reasons why so many family travelers want to have a holiday to Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa due to below reason:

Activity price of turtle island Tanjung Benoa tour is affordable.
Participants will use glass bottom boat heading from Tanjung Benoa Beach to Turtle Island.
Children can hold the green turtle.
Your child can take pictures while holding a bird if your boys brave enough they can take pictures while holding a giant python.

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