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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Antaranda Tour and Travel is an official member of Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) that connects travelers such as you with a local travel expert, with their own travel organization and with the required permits. Through our selection you are sure that you are dealing with a professional organization, and they receive income thanks to your visit. You have direct contact with someone from there, so without an intermediary.

Instead of having intermediaries in the Indonesia, you communicate directly with a travel specialist who lives at the destination. That way you get the best insider tips. Our programs are also 100% customized, so always unique.

Your local travel expert is your contact person, the person with whom you compose your customized journey directly. He or she works at a professional travel organization (DMC), located in the country where you want to go. The travel expert specializes in customizing your own individual voyage of discovery. Your travel expert knows the country through and through and not only looks for standard places, but also places where not many tourists come. Your travel expert has an eye for special, authentic experiences. Contact with the local population is an important part of this.

Thanks to our years of experience in the travel industry, we have built up a huge network and we know most travel experts personally. Antaranda Tour and Travel works exclusively with professional organizations and selects the local partners on various criteria. Reputation, expertise, professionalism, communication, flexibility and prices of the partners are self-evident. In addition, quality and respect for nature and the population are essential. Experience shows that tour operators who work in a sustainable manner offer travel experiences that you will not soon forget. Most of our partners have been working in the travel industry for many years, many of whom have previously worked as a tour guide and know their country through and through.

Numerous adjustments are possible. The route, the duration of the journey, the presence or absence of a guide and / or the driver, the type of transport (car or public transport), the quality of the accommodations (tent, homestays, small-scale hotels, luxury hotels), the activities, your days off … By consulting with your travel expert on the spot, you make a trip to your wishes and budget.

In most cases you communicate with your local travel expert in English. However, do not be surprised if you get a Dutch, French, Spain etc answer, there is a Dutch, French, Spain etc contact person on many destinations.

After your travel request your travel expert will contact you within two working days. He or she will then send a travel proposal or ask you for further information. Other emails that you send, he or she will usually answer by return. Skipping is also possible. Note: the travel experts are on site, in the country of your destination, so you also have to deal with time difference. It may therefore take a little longer.

A tailor-made trip is a journey that is tailored to your needs. You travel individually, giving you a lot of freedom to determine the content of the journey and the activities there. The travel expert is specialized in advising you on your journey and adjusting it to your needs in the best way.

That depends on the length and complexity of the trip. For a simple journey (an example trip with few or no adjustments) a number of e-mails can be sufficient. If you want a complete tailor-made journey, more time may be needed to reach your ideal journey.

That depends on the season and the country. Do you want to be sure that there is still room and that your travel expert can make you as special a proposal as possible, then it is advisable to book early. This usually means at least 3 but preferably 4-6 months before. Making sure you request a travel proposal enough time in advance can be an advantage, but sometimes our travel expert partner can arrange something for you at the last minute.

Of course this is possible! Keep in mind, however, that a single surcharge is charged.
Often you know local travel expert whether it is possible, if you want, to have a part of your trip together with other (international) travelers.

All our programs are tailor-made individually; unfortunately we also offer group travel.

We specialize in offering tailor-made tours, and therefore offer no separate parts.

At Antaranda Tour and Travel you book your flight to the destination yourself. The booking of airline tickets is nowadays easier and also a lot cheaper. You can book your flight tickets directly on the airline’s website or via one of the many flight sites. Your local travel specialist then ensures a good connection of your travel plan to the flight booked by you.

Domestic flights are provided by our local travel specialists where necessary. The cancellation conditions of the relevant company apply. You have the freedom to book the necessary domestic flights yourself. However, we do not recommend this. In connection with the many flight changes on the spot, an error in your itinerary has been made. Please note that in this case you are responsible for passing on the correct information to your local travel specialist on time. In case of changes that require extra service, our travel specialist can charge additional costs on the spot. Reconfirming flights, including local ones, remains the traveler’s responsibility where necessary.


Sustainable tourism is traveling and taking account of the environment, people, nature and culture, so that attractive destinations can also be offered to future generations. The travel industry is closely involved and is committed to Sustainable Tourist Business. We have also drawn up a policy statement and a program with practical measures, which describe how we deal with the environment now and in the future. Read more about our policy statement and program on sustainable tourism. If you have any questions about sustainability, please send an email to

As Antaranda Tour and Travel we strive to certify all local travel experts, an international program for organizations and accommodations that are committed to sustainable business. Our travel experts carry out the trips in a responsible way and use as many authentic, local hotels and services as possible. This means that a large part of your travel sum stays in the country itself, instead of ending up with large international travel groups.
Finally, sustainable tourism is not just something for travel companies. As a holidaymaker you are an indispensable link.

It is not mandatory to give a tip, but if you are satisfied, we recommend that you do so, especially as a token of appreciation, as a thank you for the service provided. A few dollars a day do not make much difference for us, on the spot a whole family often has to manage the salary of guide or driver.


Antaranda Tour and Travel is official member of Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA). This means that you have financial security when you book a trip with us. In addition, you simply pay your trip to Antaranda Tour and Travel in Indonesia, so you do not have to make currency differences or extra bank charges abroad.

The safety of customers and staff is always top priority at Antaranda Tour and Travel. Our local travel experts follow the security situation on all our destinations continuously. For current information about the security situation at your destination, we refer you to the website of the national government: travel advice.


  • Choose your destination.
  • Be inspired by the example trips and example travel building blocks. They give you an impression of what is possible, how you can best travel through the country. But do not let yourself be limited. Everything is possible. Your travel expert on the spot makes it tailor-made.
    Request a travel proposal and fill in your wishes as accurately as possible.
    You get a free travel proposal, which you make together with your travel expert (by e-mail or skype) entirely to your liking.
  • You decide to book. Safe and familiar: send us your requisition at
  • The travel expert records everything locally. If a hotel or excursion is not available, the travel expert will discuss the possibilities (see below).
    Usually the reservations are completed within 5 working days.
    Via a Indonesian account of Antaranda Tour and Travel you make the down payment and then the final amount.

After booking your trip will be reserved by the travel expert in the country concerned. Should it happen that a particular excursion or hotel is not available, the travel expert will make an alternative proposal. It is possible that there are more costs involved.

Check that your booking is correct and that all names are spelled correctly. If something is not right, let your travel expert know immediately. If you want to adjust the trip after a final booking, then this is possible. In consultation with your travel expert on the spot, the possibilities are examined. Antaranda Tour and Travel will charge a change fee for this. In addition to these change costs, cancellation costs can be added. See travel conditions.

After you have booked a trip it may happen that you have to cancel or interrupt your trip. Antaranda Tour and Travel will then charge you cancellation costs. We have cancellation conditions specifically tailored to our organization.

In the event of cancellation, each passenger will owe the following amounts:

at least 56 days before the departure date of the trip, the cancellation costs are 20% of the travel sum with a minimum of € 200, –
From 29 to 55 days before the departure date of the trip, the client owes an amount of 50% of the travel sum, with a minimum of € 200, -.
From 14 to 28 days before the departure date of the trip, the client owes an amount of 75% of the travel sum with a minimum of € 200, -.
From 0 up to and including 13 days before the departure date of the trip, we will charge 100% of the travel sum.
If domestic flights are included in the booking, 100% of the flight amount will be charged regardless of the time of cancellation. If you cancel, 100% of the travel sum will be charged.

Cancellation of the travel agreement must always be done in writing (by letter or email). With a cancellation insurance where you free yourself from these costs for a valid reason to cancel (for assessment to the insurer).

All travel experts use the Antaranda Tour and Travel conditions, as stated. Note that exceptions are possible. Your travel expert will expressly indicate this by e-mail for the final booking.


The vouchers will be sent by mail or delivered locally by the local agent, depending on the country in question. Tickets for means of transport are in most cases only given locally.

Absolutely! A good health insurance and accident insurance is required for a safe and healthy journey. We therefore make these mandatory for the protection of our passengers. Read more about travel insurance.

The travel expert on site can ask for an insurance certificate. Take that with you when traveling. You can take out the insurance anywhere. Note: a continuous insurance is often the cheapest!

It depends on. Keep in mind that if you cancel after booking your travel expert also incurs costs on the spot. These must of course be reimbursed. Some parts of your trip, such as domestic flights, have high cancellation costs.

Closing the policy and paying goes directly to the insurer. Check out our travel insurance page.

General information on passports, visas and health is given on our site. You are responsible for being in possession of a valid passport and any necessary visa at departure and during the trip. In doing so, you need to check in time whether the previously obtained information is correct.

You will need vaccinations for many of our destinations.

We advise you to contact the local Home Vaccination. They have the authority and the right knowledge to answer this question.


After your trip, Antaranda Tour and Travel will email you to ask you what you thought about the trip and your local travel expert. We ask you to be as honest as possible: the good, but also any less good things we would like to hear from you. Of course you can also share your experiences on the many different social media platforms, such as Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Your local travel expert is responsible for the trips he or she provides you. This means that all questions about the journey will be arranged via your local travel expert. Even if there are questions or complaints during the trip, your local travel expert is the point of contact. Do not hesitate to contact your travel expert during your trip. Antaranda Tour and Travel guarantees that any complaints according to the conditions and rules, we will be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

No, we do not give you data from previous travelers for privacy reasons. We ensure that the reviews on the site per destination are as up-to-date as possible.

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