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Travel Conditions

Below our terms and conditions “

  • The travel conditions set out the rights and obligations of traveler and travel agency in a careful manner. If you book a trip, it is advisable to read these conditions carefully. Its indicates that travel agencies may use cancellation conditions that are specifically tailored to the organization. The booking form must be ticked to ensure that it has been taken note of and agreed with the Antaranda Tour and Travel travel conditions.
  • A calamity means an abnormal event caused by a molestation or natural disaster. This must be confirmed by the emergency fund to calamity.
  • Travel proposal / offer
    Our travel proposals are valid for 14 days. For offers that last longer, Antaranda Tour and Travel reserves the right to adjust the fare.
  • Booking and travel documents
    Books can be booked by Email at : Always check that the information in the booking Email is correct and that all names are spelled correctly, such as in the passport. This is your own responsibility. If something is not right, let us know immediately.
  • After receiving the booking form, the local travel expert goes to work with the reservations. If it happens that a particular excursion or hotel is not available, you will receive an alternative proposal. It is possible that additional costs are involved.
    Up to 24 hours after the sending date of the booking order you can cancel without obligation. If you book less than 8 weeks before the departure date, the right to a non-binding cancellation will lapse.
    You normally receive your invoice within 5 working days after completing the booking order.
    You will receive the travel information and vouchers about 10 days before departure from your local travel expert. Tickets for means of transport are usually handed over locally in most cases.
    Change by the traveler
    If you want to change something after receiving the invoice, you can do so in consultation. We look at the possibilities, but must, in addition to any additional costs, always charge change costs of € 30, – per booking. In addition, you must take into account cancellation costs.
  • Miscellaneous costs
    The reservation costs for a land arrangement are € 25 per person, with a maximum of € 75 per booking. In addition, € 2.50 per booking is added to the emergency fund (for a maximum of 9 people). For bookings with more than 9 people, € 2.50 will be charged for every 9 people.
  • Pay
    Payment is done electronically via internet banking. If you are paying from abroad, do an international transfer. We do not offer other forms of payment (Cash, Bank Transfer, credit card).
  • Your deposit is 15% * of the total travel sum.
  • The down payment must be received within 7 days on our account stating your invoice number. You will transfer the remainder to us 8 weeks before departure. If you book less than 8 weeks before departure, the down payment will expire and you will transfer the entire travel sum to us immediately.
  • We start from the principle “no message is good news” and therefore do not send separate payment confirmations. Only when something has gone wrong will you be notified by us. We do not send a separate invoice for the final payment.

* Different conditions may apply to some destinations:

  • If domestic flights are included in the itinerary, they must be prepaid in full. As a result, the down payment is 15% of the land arrangement and the various costs + 100% of the domestic flights.
    If a Indonesia part is included in the trip, this must also be paid in full at the deposit.
    At a number of destinations, local conditions may require different conditions with regard to payment. Hotels can also apply different conditions. These different conditions are indicated in the itinerary.
    Travel and cancellation insurance
    The travel and cancellation insurance policies are not offered by Antaranda Tour and Travel. We require a travel insurance for everyone. A cancellation insurance is not mandatory, but recommended. A good health insurance and accident insurance is a must for a safe and healthy journey.
    Adventurous trips in distant countries
    In distant countries people have different customs and habits and a different mentality. As a result, things sometimes go differently than you expect. Act traveler conditions speak of ‘expectations that the traveler may reasonably have on the grounds of the agreement’. The choice for an adventurous trip means choosing a certain risk. The local conditions on the destinations and the adventurous nature of the journeys can force us to adjust the journey. If we, or our local agents, have to resort to alternatives, you can be assured that we try to maintain or even improve the quality of the journey as much as possible.
  • Passports, visa and health
    On our site we provide general information about passports, visas and health. You are responsible for being in possession of a valid passport and any required visas at departure and during the trip. You must check in good time whether the previously obtained information is correct. Different advice and prescriptions apply in the field of health for different countries. We are not medically trained and are not allowed to make official statements about this. Do not rely solely on our information. You will also ensure that you have the necessary vaccinations and prophylaxis in good time prior to the trip.
  • Cancellation policy
    After you have booked a trip it may happen that you have to cancel or interrupt your trip. Antaranda Tour and Travel will then charge you cancellation costs. We use cancellation conditions that are specifically tailored to our organization.

In the event of cancellation, each passenger will owe the following amounts:

  • At least 56 days before the departure date of the trip, the cancellation costs are 20% of the travel sum with a minimum of € 200, –
    From 29 to 55 days before the departure date of the trip, the client owes an amount of 50% of the travel sum, with a minimum of € 200, -.
  • From 14 to 28 days before the departure date of the trip, the client owes an amount of 75% of the travel sum with a minimum of € 200, -.
  • From 0 up to and including 13 days before the departure date of the trip, we will charge 100% of the travel sum.
  • If domestic flights are included in the booking, 100% of the flight amount will be charged regardless of the time of cancellation. If you cancel, 100% of the travel sum will be charged.

Cancellation of the travel agreement must always be done in writing (by letter or email). With a cancellation insurance where you free yourself from these costs for a valid reason to cancel (for assessment to the insurer).

Partial cancellation
If a trip has been booked for several people, and 1 or more people cancel, there is a partial cancellation. In the event of a partial cancellation, the other participants may have to pay additional costs, because the occupancy in the accommodation has changed and / or the fixed costs are divided over fewer people.

Protection of your data
We guarantee and respect your privacy by complying with the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that your personal data is only used for the purpose for which it is intended and that your personal data is protected by us. Any other use of your personal data, in particular the sale thereof to third parties, is explicitly excluded.

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