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Travel Insurance

To ensure; how and why?
We advise you to look carefully at the insurances when booking a trip. In the unlikely event that something happens during the trip or before the start of the trip, it can cost a lot of money. By taking out insurance, at relatively low costs, you avoid high expenses. We generally speak of two insurance policies: cancellation insurance and travel insurance. Below you can read more about both insurance policies and about the different options.

Cancellation insurance, why?
You cancel a cancellation insurance to avoid high costs if you can not start or continue your journey due to certain circumstances. There is a chance that something happens before the start of the journey so that you can not make the trip anymore. An accident is often in a small corner; you slip out, break your leg and can no longer make a trip. In short, you have to cancel the trip. A cancellation insurance ensures that you can reclaim the entire travel sum for valid reasons. However, cancellation insurance is not only applicable in advance, but also during the trip. In the unlikely event that something happens during your trip so you have to cancel the trip, you can get back the unused travel days from your insurance company.

Travel insurance, why?
A good travel insurance is required for your tour. You will then be assured of direct assistance from the emergency center during your trip if this is necessary. The travel insurance insures your luggage in case of loss or theft, unforeseen medical costs and unforeseen expenses. The latter can occur, for example, in delays or when you have to return to the Indonesia unexpectedly. This is therefore a different insurance than your health insurance in the Indonesia.

Short-term or continuous, what is the difference?
When taking out insurance you can choose between a short-term or a continuous insurance policy. The difference between the two is in the costs and in the duration of the insurance. You only take out a short-term insurance policy for the booked trip. If you are going to make a second holiday, you have to take out insurance again. With a continuous insurance you can pack your bags as often as you like. You take out your insurance once, after which your holidays are insured every year. You are therefore insured for all trips. A nice extra is that with a continuous insurance you are also insured for short trips such as weekend breaks and even theater visits.

Insure via Antaranda Tour and Travel
Antaranda Tour and Travel currently does not offer any insurance. Insurer of your own choice.