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PARTICULAR ENCOUNTERS - Get to know the local...

Of course you want to view the famous highlights of a destination. But do you really want to get to know a country? Choose special excursions and overnight stays, where you get to know the locals up close. Sleep at a family home, follow a local cooking workshop, help coffee picking or go cycling in the countryside: whatever you choose, it will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip.

Whatever you choose, it will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip.

“The stay with the farmer’s family was one of the highlights of our trip. It was fantastic to be part of the local life for a while. ”

Gustaaf Bakker

“Our guide Ketut spoke excellent English and knew a lot about his country and culture. That is why we learned a lot about Bali. We said goodbye as friends ”

Frederik Abrahamsen

Homestays – sleeping with people at home
Getting to know a destination through the eyes of a local. That is the journey of the moment. Homestays, accommodations where you can stay overnight at people’s home, are becoming increasingly popular. They offer you the chance to experience everyday life in a country up close and to get to know local people. At ‘homestay’ you may think of sleeping in a simple cabin, but there are homestays in all shapes and sizes.

“I like to go off the beaten track and find the adventure. I think that sustainable tourism is important. Think, for example, of village visits where you really make contact with the local population, who can also benefit from tourism. ”

Conditions for a responsible excursion
Antaranda Tour and Travel thinks it is important that the local population benefits from tourism. This means that you can meet locals in a responsible way, with added value for you and for them. We strive to offer as many small-scale excursions and homestays as possible that meet the following conditions:

The local population is closely involved in the excursion and benefits directly from the proceeds
Respect for local cultural traditions
Travelers are given the opportunity to meet the local population in a respectful way
The local community is not disturbed. This means, among other things, that no traditional customs or ceremonies are put on stage at the request of travelers.

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